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My simple explaination on Intelligent Building System

Ow, Have those Building that built in Medan or Jakarta, BNI Tower been in the category of IB or not??? The Round Building of the Great Attorney and The Special Cyber Crime Police Building got to be applying this IB system yes??
I know it from its pictures [/ Quote]

Bang Jay,

In fact the concept of Smart system has been known since 70’s era and at that time most of the automation system was applied in factories. Talking about the Intelligent Building system then we should go on to a discussion about the concept of utilizing the rapid development of technologies that we can apply to the Skyscraper Buildings, Commercials, Public facilities, Residential etc. for comfort, safety, security, convenience or simplicity and efficiency.

The keyword of:

  • Comfort
  • Safety
  • Security
  • Convenience and
  • Efficiency
are being the measurements of how Intelligence the Building is and this can usually be achieved when the entire system being integrated in such a manner so that it become a large sophisticated system. The Intelligent Building systems that meet all categories of the keyword mention above is perhaps not available yet in Indonesia.

Here is the simple illustration about it and you may give me feedback in case you find anything is inappropriate..:

  • For Conveniences normally a Building provides the good lighting system, air conditioning system, plumbing system, sound system etc. which are designed and installed in such a way so that all people will be happy & feel at home being inside. However, isn’t that wasteful if in unoccupied rooms those entire facilities keep functioning as well as the lights that keep turned on even though it has brighten by the sunlight? The solutions for this inefficiency could only be overcome with IB system by installing the presence detector, light sensor and window or door sensor.

  • For maintaining the security for both occupants and the valuables, the security system must be designed in such a way starting from the access gate to every entrance & exit doors so that anyone passing through gate and any doors is continuously recorded without having to be disturbed by officials inspection that sometimes exasperate and time consuming. In the IB system, each of the vehicles got an ID that within the distance of communication; system will automatically provides access and register it. All valuables got IDs so any attempt of sabotage or destruction of any equipment can be immediately noticed. Everyone in this Building has their own Security Access Level; it can be useful for limiting access at each door so that the same door is impassable under certain conditions or at a particular time.

  • For maintaining the safety of a building with its contents and the occupants, all hazardous prevention system should be designed and installed in such a way for the terrorist threats, natural disasters, fire danger etc. By Implementing of the IB system, all of required sensors for the early warning system are installed & programmed accordingly with its function needs so that any arising threat of danger would be immediately noticed, anticipated and automatically prevented by the system as well as it links to all related parties or agencies via IT to perform the information of the situation and for remote monitoring purpose.

  • If those mentioned points above using the stand alone system then the result will never be really convenience & sometimes very troublesome. It will be less comfort or even annoying and take pains when you have to do this & that for some simple jobs such as having a meeting for example. With the stand alone system one should go here and there to set up everything in a meeting room, starting from say closing the vertical blind, dimming the lights, turning the air conditioning and OHP on etc. Using the IB system all sequences will be performed automatically simply by a click of a button and the rest all what you do is just conducting a good meeting. Ease of managing the Security & Safety system for comfort & conveniences as well as for efficiency is the bottom line of why IB system is crucial.

  • Efficiency is a ‘breath’ for IB system indeed. Efficiency tends to be proportionally reversed with all of components in that keyword if its system not being integrated or can not be integrated so that the more time consuming, more energy wasted and more inefficiency costs will arise. Thus the substance of IB system as I described here is the solution to overcome those matter. As I always say that in creating something, same thing happen with that to design IB system, the only limitation of creating the most sophisticated system is on our imagination’s boundary.

That is why in answering to the questions of you brother Jay, BNI tower, Round Building & The Special Cyber Crime Police Building (BARESKRIM) haven’t been in the category of Intelligent Building system yet, at least for me.

Herewith is my opinion about it;

Comfort aspect may be OK, but which of the government office building has consider the efficiency?Its safety systems can be predicted as they install the trivial type because what important is merely to meet the standard requirements for purely administrative.

In the case of Conveniences & efficiency, I don’t think so because that would be too luxurious for those buildings.

Its security system got to be lousy.

So my conclusion is, the perfect principle concept of IB as caliber as Pentagon, White House or Palace of Bill Gates still have not existed in our country except those Buildings with ‘IB’ system that adopt one or two of the keywords, such as in the category for Convenience only or for the comfortable only that may already spread in many large cities such as Jakarta, Surabaya & Medan and it mostly still at a low level and relatively very simple standard.

For the category of Security & Comfort system, even thought sometimes it equipped with sophisticated equipment, such system mostly is stand alone system so that the benefit of function can not be obtained optimally.

Thank you for your time.

[QUOTE=Jay-ME;518180]Ow.... yang dah di bangun di Medan ? Or Jakarta..? BNI tower dah masuk kategori IB belon ?
Seharusnya Gedung Bundarnya Kejaksaan dan gedung khusus Cyber Crimenya Breskrim Polri sdh menerapkan prinsip2 IB ya...

Kayaknya gw kenal dari pictnya neh.... [/QUOTE]

Bang Jay,
Sebenarnya konsep Smart sdh dikenal sejak tahun 70an dan ketika itu otomatisasi lebih banyak diterapkan di pabrik2...

Berbicara tentang Intelligent Building system maka sesungguhnya kita masuk pada pembahasan tentang suatu konsep yang memanfaatkan kemajuan tehnologi yang sgt pesat itu utk diaplikasikan pada Gedung2 pencakar langit, fasilitas umum terpadu,residensial dll agar bisa memberikan kenyamanan, keamanan dan keselamatan serta kemudahan2 maupun effisiensi.

Kata kuncinya adalah :

  • Kenyamanan
  • Keamanan
  • Keselamatan
  • Kemudahan dan
  • effissiensi

itulah yg menjadi tolok ukur Intellijensia suatu bangunan Gedung, fasilitas umum, Kantor pemerintahan dan rumah tinggal....dan biasanya hal ini bisa tercapai apabila seluruh system yang dipakai dapat diintegrasikan sehingga menjadi suatu sistem besar yang terpadu.

Untuk Intelligent Building system yg memenuhi kategori seluruh kata kunci diatas barangkali belum ada di Indonesia......
Berikut ini ilustrasinya & silahkan beri masukan atas penjabaran singkat ini;

  • Utk mendapatkan kenyamanan maka sistem penerangan, sistem pendingin udara, sistem plumbing, sistem tata suara dll dirancang sedemikian rupa sehingga semua orang menjadi betah dan senang berada didalamnya. Tetapi bukankah pemborosan jika diruangan yg tdk berpenghunipun semua fasilitas maupun lampu tetap nyala padahal ruangan itu mendapatkan cahaya matahari? Solusi atas ineffisiensi tsb dpt diatasi dgn IB system dgn cara memasang presence detector & light sensor maupun door or window status sensor.

  • Utk menjaga keamanan baik bagi penghuni maupun benda2 berharga didalamnya sistem sekuriti harus dirancang sedemikian rupa yang dimulai dari akses pintu gerbang sampai pd seluruh pintu masuk ruangan sehingga siapapun yg melewati gerbang dan pintu2 manapun terdata secara online tanpa hrs direpotkan oleh pemeriksaan petugas yg kadang menjengkelkan serta menyita banyak waktu. Pada IB system, setiap kenderaan penghuni memiliki ID sehingga begitu berada pd jarak komunilkasi system secara otomatis memberikan akses dan mendatanya. Seluruh benda2 yg bernilai tinggi memiliki ID pula agar upaya pencurian ataupun pengrusakan dpt segera termonitor..Setiap orang memiliki Access Security Level masing2 yg berguna utk membatasi akses pd setiap pintu sehingga pintu yg sama tdk dpt dilalui pd kondisi & waktu tertentu.

  • Utk menjaga Keselamatan bagi gedung, isi dan penghuninya, seluruh sistem pencegah bahaya dirancang sedemikian rupa baik terhadap ancaman terroris, bencana alam ,kebakaran dll. Dgn menerapkan IB system seluruh sensor yg dibutuhkan utk pemberitahuan awal (early warning system) dipasang & diprogram sesuai peruntukkannya sehingga apapun ancaman bahaya yg timbul dpt segera diketahui, diantisipasi dan dicegah sedemikian rupa secara otomatis oleh system IB serta terhubung ke seluruh instansi yg terkait via TI.

  • Seluruh poin2 diatas apabila memakai stand alone system ,maka yang terjadi adalah kerepotan yg sangat njelimet. Kurang Kenyamanan (malah tdk nyaman) kalo harus bersusah payah hrs melakukan ini dan itu utk mendapatkannya....contoh sederhana bila menggunakan IB system ,saat ingin melakukan rapat di meeting room, anda tdk perlu kesana kemari mensetting temperatur ruangan, menutup vertical Blind, mematikan lampu, menyalakan OHD dll....tetapi dgn sgt sederhana sekali pencet seluruh sekuens perintah tersebut dilakukan oleh system secara otomatis. Kemudahan dlm mengelola sistem Keamanan & Keselamatan serta

  • Effisiensi merupakan nafas IB sesungguhnya......Effisiensi cendrung berbanding terbalik dgn seluruh komponen kata kunci tersebut apabila systemnya tak bisa diintegrasi ataupun tidak diintegrasikan sehingga Waktu, Enerji dan Biaya menjadi ineffisien. ....Demikianlah substansi IB system yg dpt sy gambarkan secara singkat & sederhana, seperti yg selalu sy katakan bahwa dalam menciptakan suatu karya ...sama seperti merancang IB system...Hanya limitasi imajinasi kita yg membatasinya.

Oleh krn itu ,jawaban atas pertanyaan bang Jay yg menanyakan ttg BNI tower, Gdg Bundar & Bareskrim adalah belon termasuk kategori Intelligent Building.

  • Segi Kenyamanan mungkin OK, tetapi gdg Pemerintah yg mana ada memperhatikan effisiensi??
  • Sistem Keamananannyapun pasti bolong2,
  • Sistem Keselamatannya jg pasti standard saja & mungkin banyak yg kurang atau dikurangi krn yg terpenting bg mereka asal cukup utk memenuhi persyaratan administrasi belaka.
  • Kemudahan & effisiensi?? hm, hal ini mungkin terlalu mewah bagi gedung yg anda sebutkan itu.

Jadi kesimpulannya, prinsip IB yg sempurna sekaliber Pentagon, white House atau Istana Bill Gates belum exist dinegara kita kecuali konsep IB utk salah satu atau dua kategori seperti konsep utk Kemudahan aja atau utk kenyamanan aja yg mungkin sdh banyak tersebar dikota-kota besar seperti Jakarta, Surabaya & Medan walaupun masih pd tingkatan yg relatif sgt sederhana.

Utk kategori Keamanan & kenyamanan yg meskipun dilengkapi peralatan canggih, sistem seperti ini kebanyakan berdiri sendiri (Stand alone system) sehingga fungsi dan manfaatnya tdk bisa optimal.
terima kasih.

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